Thursday, April 4, 2013


Miss Carla's Kindergarten Class

I hope you enjoy your visit to 
my Kindergarten Classroom.
Here is Snowmen At Night, 
a wonderful story included in StoryTown 
as a Library Book.
It is fun to tie Visual Arts into
StoryTown, our Language Arts Program.

First we studied the pictures to get clues 
about the setting.
Where did the story happen?
What time of day or night?
What season of the year?

We also learned that the author lived right here in Salt Lake City when they built a snowman that wandered during the night!
Many of my Kinder Kids have played at 
Sugar House Park.
They thought the sledding hill looked very familiar.
It was so exciting to see familiar places in a book!
The setting was something they knew!

To create the setting for our snowmen we painted watercolor washes.
We reread Snowmen At Night.
We looked for details in the pictures again.
What were the colors?
Were the colors cold?
Were the colors warm.
How did the sky look at night?
Is the snow white or a mix of colors?
So many things to notice.
An artist needs a watchful eye.
(Does a reader need a watchful eye?)

My Kinder Kids painted beautiful settings!
Miss Maren, our wonderful volunteer, used a three inch brush to lightly wash each paper with water.
Then the Kinder Kids set to work with watercolors.
They loved how the colors ran and mixed.
So did I.
We needed to let the paintings dry.
It was hard to wait....

We learned characters in the story are people or 
animals that act like people.
Well the snowmen acted like people so...
 they must be characters too!
We studied 
Snowmen AT Night 
to check out the characters.  
There were lots and lots of snowmen 
and snow-women and snow-children.
Doing lots of things. 

My Kinder Kids were very excited 
to draw their characters.
We used pencils and markers to draw our characters.  It was fun to decide what they looked like 
and what they were doing.
Details are very important.
(Could that be true in reading or writing?)

We cut out our characters 
and glued them into the setting.
Our pictures were complete 
but our stories were just beginning...
(Can writing be art too?)

I decided to stop at three 
because I could go on and on...
I have 25 Kinder Kids after all :)

I hope this inspires you to 
roll up your sleeves and 
get wet with a book too.
- - -

I am also very excited to say 
that there are 
3 pictures from my class 
shown here on the District web page.

The pictures are:
* Under-Water-Sea-Life (row 2 middle)
*Snowman-Cat-Snowballs (row 4 first)
*Snowman-Snowballs  (row 4 middle) 
fish printclay fishprints displayed
figures in perspective underwater sea lifeletter art - group display
painted white and black birdpainted red and black birdpainted quail
snowman, cat, and snowballssnowman and snowballspainted birch trees
Under-Water-Sea-Life was created 
while studying another StoryTown book.
Can you guess which one?
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Where ever U are, in our
 Whole Wide World,
I'm Wishing...
Sunny Daz 4 U