Sunday, October 6, 2013

Commotion in the Ocean Giles Andreae

FUN With Fish And More!
Here is another FUN story to add to our
 Cocoa Beach Books.
My Sunny Daz Kids LoVE 
this rhyming book that takes them on a 
FUN adventure under the sea.
The illustrations are colorful and inviting.
If you want to buy your own book,
click on the image to order from Amazon.

Commotion is one of our Vocabulary 
Words Of The Week.
Who knew vocabulary could be so much FUN!
So just what is a commotion?
"A commotion happens when a lot of people 
are running around making a lot of noise."
In this case it would be a lot of sea animals
 swimming around making a lot of noise.

We get to view it on our Smart Board too.

We love Giles Andreae's stories. 
We have a listening center 
with his book and CD...

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...And a book box filled with his books.
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I hope you will LoVE him too!

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Commotion in the Ocean
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