Friday, December 27, 2013

The Little Red Hen 3 Ways

Here are 3 stories of
The Little Red Hen,
Read and watch them 
and compare the stories.
What is the same?
What is different?

Here is The Little Red N.
He liked to say, "No!" every now and then.

Little Red N meets his match...
 when he asks for help.
"Not I!", said the dog.
"Not I!", said the cat.
"Not I!", said the pig.
"Well fancy that!"

Will anyone learn to say yes?
Will anyone help Little Red N?

Watch and read this story from 
Between the Lions (PBS).
Can you make any connections to
The Little Red N?

This one has a great summary.
We need to practice that skill.
The Little Red Hen
is also lots of FUN to act out.
It is especially FUN to use puppets.
I have this puppet and the kidos LoVE it!
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*1 Homework for SunnyDaz Kids*
Parents monitor your child as they do this homework.
Listen to this at home or school.
Watch the Little Red Hen.
What story did you like best?
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