Sunday, September 21, 2014

We're Going On A Leaf Hunt By Steve Metzger

Kiddos LoVE A Leaf Hunt!
It is so FUN to read this book.
It is more FUN to go
on your own leaf hunt.
We're Going On A Leaf Hunt

Our trees are showing so much color.
It is the perfect time to play in the leaves.

When going on your leaf hunt,
give each kiddo their own lunch sack 
to collect leaves that they find 
on the leaf hunt.
Be sure to Oooo and Ahhhh 
over all the beautiful colors.

After the leaf hunt 
kiddos can sort the leaves by color.
I like to use contact paper as a sorting mat.
It is easier to match like colors.
Write the color word on the mat.
It helps to see the color word in print.
 Red leaves go on a red mat.
Yellow leaves on a yellow mat
and so on...

Leaves can also be glued onto a piece of construction paper to make beautiful collages.
Supplies can be ordered below.

Want to learn more?
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Note:  I went on my own leaf hunt 
up the canyon with my sister.
We took pictures.
So very pretty!

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