Tuesday, September 2, 2014

AWESOME APPS More On Letter School

I LoVE It When I Find A Great APP.
I have a FUN story about Letter School to share.
I showed this app to a friend on a Friday in May.
His kids 
(a 5 year old daughter
 and a 3 year old son)
 played with it until bedtime.
At 6:00 AM Saturday morning they were up 
asking dad 
if they could play Letter School on his iPad.
I LoVE It!

It is now Summer's End 
and my friend told me that his kids are
 doing great with their letters.
They still play Letter School.
They went camping this summer - no iPad.
The car was dusty from dirt roads.
So his son wrote letters on the dusty car.
Nothing like a little improvising!

His son will enter preschool knowing 
all his capital letters.
His daughter does handwriting homework 
without a fuss 
because it is easy.

Dad and the kids are happy.
Mom is too :)

Don't you love a happy ending?

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