Friday, September 6, 2013

Raise Your Hand!

A FUN Way To Learn 
A Rule For School!

It is the first of the year
We need a little reminder
A little practice.
I just saw this on Pinterest and couldn't resist.

I LoVe Sesame Street!
#Kids do too.

I have decided to use this as the 
next focus for my Sunshine Awards.
So far the Sunshine Awards 
have been working really well.

I love sharing my classroom 
with you.
Come join me and 
Enjoy Making #Education FUN 4 #Kids!

Thanks for stopping by :)
Wherever U are, in our
 Wide Wonderful World,
I'm Wishing...
Sunshine And
Sunny Daz 4 U

*1 Homework for SunnyDaz Kids*
Parents monitor your child as they do this homework.
Watch the video 
The Raise Your Hand Song
Write a comment that says: I did it.
Leave a comment and you will be one of my SunnyDaz Kids.
I have taught hundreds over the years.
There is room for you too!
See you at school 
or back here at SunnyDaz4U.