Thursday, May 9, 2013


Beautiful Flowers For Mom

See Day 1 and Supply List in earlier post.

On Day 2 we could see rain in our greenhouses!
The greenhouses worked better than I expected.
They will also help with a safer transport home

On Day 3 We Waited...
And Watched Our Garden In The Sun...
Waiting Is Soooo Hard!

On Day 4 we could see sprouts!
The little greenhouse helped our gardens 
sprout one day early!


Day 5 We took them home with our handmade cards.

The greenhouses worked better than I expected.
All my SunnyDaz Kids had sprouts 
except for one, 
that is 24/25.
I let her trade out her garden cup for one of 
my extras I'd made "just in case".  
They will also help with a safer transport home.

In time we will have pretty Marigolds to plant in flower gardens or vegetable gardens.
Marigolds are a good companion for tomato plants.

Come join me and
Enjoy Making Education FUN 4 Kids!

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Wherever U are, in our
Whole Wide World,
I'm Wishing...
Sunshine And
Sunny Daz 4 U

*1 Homework for SunnyDaz Kids*
Parents monitor your child as they do this homework.
Reuse some containers you have.
Plant one of your own little seeds.
Water it and watch it grow.
Write a comment that says: I did it.
Parent & Child write your first names.
Leave a comment and you will be one of my 
SunnyDaz Kids.
I have had hundreds over the years.
There is room for you too!
See you at school 
or back here at SunnyDaz4U.