Friday, January 10, 2014

The Napping House - Delightful!

The Napping House!
The kiddos do too.
The illustrations are beautiful.
The characters are FUN. 

 This makes it easy to remember the sequence. 
Who doesn't love this snoring granny?
It is fun to ReTell.

We have been learning to summarize.
It is easy remembering the 
delightful characters of the book.
Knowing that they go from a nice nap
 to a rude awakening makes it chaotic 
but easy to summarize 
(That naughty flea.)
 Want to learn more?
Just click a pic to link to 
I Totally LoVE Books by Audrey Wood


You will LoVE Kindle

I have many of her books as Big Books.
I Just LoVE Them!

Come join me and 
Enjoy Making #Education FUN 4 #Kids!

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Sunshine And
Sunny Daz 4 U

*1 Homework for SunnyDaz Kids*
Parents monitor your child as they do this homework.
Listen to this at home or school.
Watch The Napping House.
What charactor did you like best?
Parent & Child
Write a comment that says: I did it.
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