Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Alphablocks: Why-(Long i: _y)

Why is long i so tricky?
Give y a try...
Don't be shy...
You can learn why!
My, my, my you are so clever!


LoVE The Alphablocks!
How do you say long i?

Come play,
Alphablocks will show the way!
Long i is never alone because
 friends gh, e and magic e
are always close by.
Come along Kiddos and
"Like" the Alphablocks.


This is a great introduction to
Magic e
aka Silent e.

Did Magic e share his magic with you?
LoVE Learning With Alphablocks!

Thanks for stopping by :)
Where ever U are, in our
 Whole Wide World,
I'm Wishing...
Sunshine And
Sunny Daz 4 U