Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Number Eating Alligator Song

Greater Than Or Less Than
Made Simple With Alligators!
I LoVE using aligators to help kiddos 
open wide to learn.
We magically make ourselves alligators.
We simple make our arms into...
a horizontal V 
And chomp, chomp, chomp
 the biggest number!
Greater Than & Less Than
can be simple, FUN and
magically delicious!

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*1 Homework for SunnyDaz Kiddos*
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Number Eating Alligator Song
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Toes Can Be Ten Times The FUN!

I know this book helps kiddos count by two 
but it is so FUN! 
Extend the FUN by ten!
What if your whole family were on the bed?
How many toes is that?
Try figuring that out at home or school.
Just pretend a blanket on the floor is a bed.
Pretending is child's play.
Read The Book And Enjoy!

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Here is another FUN way to cont by two.