Monday, December 23, 2013

Delicious Door Decorating

We Won! 
The Kiddos had a ton of FUN decorating the 
gingerbread cookies.
Two Dozen to be exact
because I have exactly 
2 dozen students.
We won with our 
"Smart Cookie" 
secret recipe.
It yields 24 cookies.
I found the cute foam gingerbread cookies 
at Target in the $1 row (that I love).
The bad news is now I have to 
change my credit card because
I bought them during the hit
(that I do NOT love).

The Kiddos had so much fun decorating.

 Our art volunteer extrodinaire, 
Miss Maren, opened up her wonderful treasure box of 
beads and bobbles.
I added some little foam hearts.
That with a little tacky glue 
made magic happen.

My talented parent volunteer mom,
Kelly, asked for 
tin foil (cookie sheets), 
black paper (spachula) and 
checkered wrapping paper 
(oven mitt and recipe book).
She put it all together and 
decorated the door.
The kiddos LoVE it!

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